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It's in the news more often than we'd like: natural disasters and other emergency situations that leave people stranded, isolated, and without support. Relief Pod International is working to help everyone be prepared for disasters and emergencies across the world by supporting people in achieving self-sufficiency in these situations. As the premier manufacturer of emergency relief products, Relief Pod is known for high-quality, well-designed, innovative solutions for every situation.

Product Donations

As part of our commitment to aiding world-wide emergency preparedness and relief efforts, Relief Pod donates supplies and kits to aid disaster victims during emergency situations. Over the last several years, we have donated products to organizations such as TIDES and Hope Force International.

Financial Donations

It can be difficult to reach disaster areas after the disaster has occurred. When Relief Pod products can't reach victims, Relief Pod donates funds to relief organizations that are on the ground providing the necessary support to those who need it.

Supporting First Responders

Relief Pod also helps first responders by providing them with kits and supplies they can take with them into disaster areas. Most first responders understand the need for supplies and take whatever they can carry. Relief Pod kits provide the essentials they need for their own survival as they enter disaster zones so that they can focus their time and resources on helping others.

Relief Pod Disaster Assistance

The following are some of the relief efforts for which Relief Pod has provided assistance:

  • Haiti earthquake, 2010
  • Chile earthquake, 2010
  • Texas flooding, 2010
  • Japan earthquake and tsunami, 2011
  • Hurricane Irene, 2011

Preparation First

All of these relief efforts are important in assisting those who are in the middle of a disaster situation. However, it can be difficult to reach disaster victims after an emergency has occurred. That's why Relief Pod takes a proactive approach, focusing on being prepared ahead of time. We work with governments, corporations, communities, and other organizations to preposition products and to provide emergency-station kits for individuals before a disaster occurs. Through preparation and planning, thousands of potential victims can be survivors. Relief Pod is committed to helping people prepare for emergencies so that they are empowered to be self-sufficient and to survive.

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Relief Pod is committed to helping people prepare for emergencies.
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Relief Pod emergency-station Kits for disaster preparedness
Relief Pod Emergency-Station Kits

Our organized, color-coded, and compact emergency-station kits organize first-aid and emergency tools in one compact kit that’s easy to store and carry.

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