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Relief Pod is about more than just making products. When natural disasters and emergencies occur, we're there to help. And Relief Pod is working to help governments, corporations, communities, and individuals prepare for emergencies ahead of time, so that when a disaster occurs, people are empowered for survival and self-sufficiency.

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Company founder and chairman S. P. Musco has a vision that goes beyond just selling the company's products. Ultimately, the goal is to donate Relief Pod products and provide resources to help people stay safe every day and in disaster situations. This goal reflects Mr. Musco's strong personal focus on philanthropy and helping others.

All of the profits from Relief Pod International are channeled back into research and development, and to supporting victims of disasters. This includes not just donations of products to victims and first responders, but also financial donations when this is the most helpful avenue of support. We donate funds to organizations that can best be of assistance for a given disaster.

Relief Pod believes that the financial investment in research and development and product prepositioning are as significant as the products themselves. Our commitment to prepositioning and preparedness are part of our focus on reducing the number of disaster victims world-wide.

Relief Pod emergency-station Kits for disaster preparedness
Relief Pod Emergency-Station Kits

Our organized, color-coded, and compact emergency-station kits organize first-aid and emergency tools in one compact kit that’s easy to store and carry.

Find emergency-station kits for: