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At Relief Pod, we're dedicated to providing the best possible products to help people be prepared, self-sufficient, and confident during disaster and emergency situations. Our talented and knowledgeable leadership team has decades of experience in business and philanthropy, as well as a deep commitment to the Relief Pod Mission. This team understands the ins and outs of business and the importance of people, loyalty, and hard work. In addition, Relief Pod is backed by a well-established and highly respected parent company, Gemini Industries, which has its own track record of market leadership and innovation.

S. P. Musco, Chairman

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Sebastian Paul Musco is one of Orange County's most influential businessmen. A twin and one of ten children of immigrant parents, Mr. Musco worked his way up in a precious metals company and is still in the business after 50 years. In 1973, he founded Gemini Industries, which pioneered technology to economically recover metals from spent auto catalysts and recover precious metals from oil refineries to produce octane for gasoline.

Mr. Musco founded Relief Pod International in 2007. As a veteran of the United States Navy, where he served as a medic in World War II, Mr. Musco understands the need for providing aid in disaster situations. Relief Pod is built on his commitment to helping others and to making a difference in humanitarian situations.

Mr. Musco sees philanthropy as a way of life, and his community involvement reflects his values of children, education, and the arts. He is a trustee and major fundraiser for Chapman University, Vice Chairman of the Los Angeles Opera, Chairman of Opera Pacific, and on the boards of Canyon Acre and the Orange County Sheriff's Advisory Council. Mr. Musco is also very involved with the Orange County High School of the Arts and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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Debbie Coleman, CEO

Debbie Coleman joined Relief Pod in 2009 to help develop the consumer side of the company's product line. The former CEO of Los Angeles–based handbag designer Isabella Fiore, Ms. Coleman has more than 20 years of experience in building companies from the ground up in various industries.

Ms. Coleman is known for her ability to identify and understand a company's vision and then build this vision into an organization. She has a knack for building strong teams that balance people with experience and people with new ideas to create a solid foundation and facilitate success and growth.

Ms. Coleman takes a strong stand on business ethics, which has brought her credibility that enables her to build strong partnerships internationally. Her respect in the business community has also led to invitations to speak at women's groups, business groups, corporations, and Rotary International. She believes in giving back by supporting other women in business.

With a commitment to quality, Ms. Coleman understands the importance of the big picture and the exacting details. She has been known to examine even the thread used to stitch a kit, asking for stronger, better, higher quality. When she takes on a project, Ms. Coleman does it with passion and focus; this helps her translate her experiences in daily life into emergency preparation and disaster relief so that Relief Pod can create the best products available.

A native of Southern California who has also lived in Washington State, Ms. Coleman has been through numerous earthquakes and winter storms with her family. An avid hiker, she also knows how important it is to be prepared on the trail. Her commitment to emergency preparedness reflects her passion for doing things that matter in the world.

Cathy Jensen, CFO

Cathy Jensen joined Relief Pod in 2009 to build and support the structural and operational side of the company. Ms. Jensen's organizational skills have been instrumental in building the company systems from scratch, from technical, finance, and accounting to buildings, production, and administration.

Ms. Jensen understands the Relief Pod vision of creating the best products available, and her unwavering focus supports the company commitment to quality. A talented problem solver, she approaches problems as challenges to be resolved and keeps the organization moving forward toward its goals. In doing so, Ms. Jensen is known for her ability to listen, understand, and consider information from many sources. She believes in building in redundancy, careful practices, and making sure there is always a "plan B."

Ms. Jensen comes from a family of entrepreneurs, which has helped her learn to focus on balancing her work and the rest of life. She believes in working hard to play hard, and she values staying active and healthy. Ms. Jensen works hard to connect her belief in the importance of emergency preparedness with real experiences, focusing on ideas for how to improve products and support emergency preparedness from the grocery store to the movie theater and beyond.

When she was a child, Ms. Jensen experienced a large earthquake in Alaska. As a result, she understood at an early age how important it is for a family to be prepared for an emergency—how preparations made by adults affect how children experience a situation. "These are really important products, something everybody should have. They could change a life, save a life. It's rewarding to work on a project like this," says Ms. Jensen.

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