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Relief Pod was founded in 2007 by prominent Orange County businessman and entrepreneur Sebastian P. Musco with the goal of helping people be prepared, self-sufficient, and confident during emergency and disaster situations. In 2009 Debora Coleman, former CEO of luxury fashion handbag company Isabella Fiore, joined Relief Pod as president and CEO. Relief Pod introduced SKITS in 2013 as the first tech-case-only line to bring luxury fashion sensibility into striking balance with ultra-functional design and a tech-savvy attitude.

Relief Pod and SKITS products are recognized for their innovative features and unmatched quality. Our signature organized, color-coded, and compact emergency kits set a new standard for usability in the industry. This, combined with our meticulous attention to detail and preceision engineering, has earned our Automotive Safety Kits five Best New Product awards at the SEMA Automotive Tradeshow in the past three years.

As the Relief Pod team progressed from carrying smartphones and laptops to MP3 players, tablets, eReaders, and headphones, we envisioned a line of tech cases designed to keep the many cords, chargers, and accessories that power these devices portable and organized. Our team literally spent years perfecting the SKITS Tech Cases, applying the same standards for innovative design and quality we put into our emergency products. SKITS Tech Cases are loaded with intelligent features and designed with a range of high quality fabrics and leathers in current trend colors. The cases have become an immediate hit and are rapidly defining how people carry their electronic cords and accessories. In March 2014 the SKITS Genius Case was selected as one of five finalists for an IHA Innovation Award.

Relief Pod and SKITS conceive of and design our innovative products Santa Ana, California.

Relief Pod emergency kits for disaster preparedness
Relief Pod Emergency and Safety Kits

Our organized, color-coded, and compact emergency and safety kits organize first-aid items and safety tools in one compact kit that’s easy to store and carry.

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