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Relief Pod International was founded in 2007 by Sebastian P. Musco with the goal of helping people be prepared, self-sufficient, and confident during disaster and emergency situations. With background as a Navy medic, S.P. Musco recognized the need for providing aid; his on-the-ground experience in difficult situations provided motivation to give back and aid humanitarian efforts that can make a life-and-death difference.

In 2009, Debbie Coleman joined Relief Pod as president and CEO. Her commitment to emergency preparedness and extensive experience in company and product development have enabled Relief Pod to develop an expanding line of innovative emergency preparedness products.

Our first product, the Relief Pod, was introduced in 2009 and was targeted at nongovernmental and government organizations. The idea was to preposition the pods so that they would be available in areas prone to specific disasters, to reduce the number of victims of the initial impact.

As the idea of the pod developed, we began to recognize the challenges of disaster relief around the world—just getting to disaster victims to provide aid can be a significant obstacle. This challenge is one that all disaster relief organizations face. We realized that that the first step is to help people prepare for disasters ahead of time. By providing people with the tools and resources that they need to be self-sufficient, we empower them to be survivors rather than victims.

From this recognition came the concept of Relief Pod safety kits, emergency kits, and backpacks, designed to contain essential items that individuals need in an emergency situation. The first line of products included large and small emergency kits, with supplies for everyday emergencies and short-term emergency preparation. The compact kits are strategically designed with the signature Relief Pod color-coding and organization, making them easy to access and use. Relief Pod now offers a growing selection of emergency preparedness products, including the award-winning Deluxe Pro Emergency Kit and Roadside Safety Kit.

Relief Pod is dedicated to providing high-performance products that can help people be prepared, self-sufficient, and confident when an emergency arises. Our focus has always been on research and product development, with the goal of providing the best possible emergency and disaster relief products available. Our kits feature innovative design and outstanding usability. And our commitment to research, innovation, and quality has led to strong global partnerships with corporations such as Goodyear and American Airlines to provide kits.

Our company commitment to quality is built into our product development process. Thorough testing is applied to everything we make, because we understand that during an emergency, you need to be confident that your emergency and safety kits will be there for you.

With a deep history of philanthropy and humanitarian care, our focus is on creating the best possible products to help people so that they can survive a disaster or emergency and get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Relief Pod is headquartered in Santa Ana, California.

Relief Pod emergency kits for disaster preparedness
Relief Pod Emergency and Safety Kits

Our organized, color-coded, and compact emergency and safety kits organize first-aid items and safety tools in one compact kit that’s easy to store and carry.

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