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Live Ready.

Relief Pod prides itself on going above and beyond when it comes to developing emergency preparedness products. Our goal is to create products that will be there for you when you need them, whether it is tomorrow or in five years. Every Relief Pod product is strategically designed with true preparedness in mind.

Relief Pod products offer you the confidence that when an emergency situation arises, you'll be ready.

Relief Pod kits include supplies recommended by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Red Cross. Relief Pod products offer you the confidence that when an emergency situation arises, you'll be ready.

All of our products are designed and manufactured according to the following key principles:

Outstanding Design and Usability

All Relief Pod kits are strategically designed to be easy to use. Our color-coded, organized design helps you quickly identify and access the supplies you need, so you don't waste time and energy digging through an unorganized bag. You'll always have quick access to essential supplies when you need them. And each kit is highly compact, so it's easy to store and carry.

Organized. Color-Coded. Compact.
Extensive Product Research

Relief Pod doesn't just buy manufactured products and assemble them into a kit. We design many of our products from the ground up and have them custom manufactured to our exacting standards. Our research has resulted in numerous patented and patent-pending products and design features that aren't available in any other disaster relief products on the market

Relief Pod emergency-station kit
Hand-crank flashlight
Thorough Product Testing

Before any product is included in a Relief Pod kit, it undergoes rigorous testing and re-testing. Food, water packs, hand-crank radios, comfort supplies—if it's in a Relief Pod kit, you can be sure that we've put it through its paces first. We understand that if it doesn't work when you need it, you aren't really prepared.

Relief Pod emergency-station kits use heavy-duty materials
Top-Quality Materials

Relief Pod products are designed to be high-performance and reliable. All materials must meet our exacting standards for quality. We use heavy-duty materials and easy-glide zippers for our kits, and every item on the inside is proven to be durable. Our commitment and dedication to the highest quality helps ensure that Relief Pod products will perform the way you expect them to when you need them most.

Relief Pod emergency-station Kits for disaster preparedness
Relief Pod Emergency-Station Kits

Our organized, color-coded, and compact emergency-station kits organize first-aid and emergency tools in one compact kit that’s easy to store and carry.

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